Legal Technology Community Platform

Principles of the Platform

Welcome to the Tech in Legal Platform. We have created the following Principles to ensure all users experience the Platform as intended. By using the Tech in Legal Platform, you agree to these Principles.

Purpose of the Platform

The purpose of the Platform is to help legal departments of Dutch companies and institutions to make smarter choices when it comes to choosing and using technology. This means you can only use the Platform as a member of a Dutch Legal Department and solely for the described purpose. Additionally, the Platform supports Dutch scientific research to understand how such products and services are actually being used and implemented, all with the goal of improving them.

Peer to peer

The Platform is build and filled by your legal peers. Be respectful and treat others as you'd like to be treated. This also means that any contact details of your peers should only be used to contact your peer on a respective technology or experience, and should not be disclosed for any other reason.

The information on the Platform will not be shared with any (potential) vendor, not by us and not by you.

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Sharing is caring

The Platform is the starting point for sharing: it facilitates the exchange of practical experiences with the technology products or services that the users use(d) or intend to use. The Tech in Legal community thrives on personal contact and exchange between peers. Do not share information through the Platform that you are not allowed to share or that you deem sensitive. The information shared should be true and accurate, but be mindful that technology can be changed and suggestions are not guarantees. Keep in mind that, in light of competition legislation, it's prohibited to exchange commercial information of vendors and their technology.


The Tech in Legal Platform is owned by the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. Any data shared on the Platform will be dealt with responsibly and in accordance with academic standards. By sharing information on the Platform you give us permission to use the information for the purpose of the Platform. Any reports or publications will only contain aggregated and non-traceable data. The University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam is bound by the 'Code of Conduct Applied Research for Higher Professional Education'.


You will receive a username and password to access the Platform. Keep your password and account safe. If you think someone's using your account without permission, let us know right away. In case you have any questions or issues with access to the Platform, please contact us at _info@techinlegal.eu_. If you don't use this Platform in accordance with these Principles or use the Platform in a way that's harmful, we might have to end your access rights and/or take any other appropriate legal action.

If you have any questions about these terms, feel free to reach out to us at You are also invited to share your feedback and suggestions.